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There is a plethora of emotions on the depressive spectrum: inadequacy, loneliness, isolation, deep sadness, helplessness, a sense of exclusion, meaninglessness, futility, despair, fear, anxiety, panic, dread, flatness, lethargy, heaviness, emptiness, obsessiveness, a feeling of paralysis, self-loathing and anger.

How do I make relationships? is the tacit question forever present in so much therapeutic work. How do I relate to others in a way that feels right, healthy, mutually respecting and consistent with the person I want to be? (Whomever that may be). Or, how did I become this person in relationships that I don’t like, feel unable to respect as I constantly feel so turbulent, hurt and confused?

Working with the full spectrum of mental health issues, my feeling is that people who are prone to struggling emotionally have a tendency to view many of the daily challenges or frustrations of life (and how they cope with them) as  a reflection of the state of their mental health.